Sunday, 25 October 2009

Allergic reaction or overreaction?

Little legs is a formula fed baby which doesn't really fit with the ethos behind baby led weaning but I think she's proving it can work.

I started her yesterday on 3 solid meals a day. Prior to this she was having just lunch and tea so time to introduce breakfast. It was nothing more than pieces of apple dunked in yoghurt but it seemed to go down well.

For lunch I decided to offer an array of finger foods - pitta bread, cucumber, and cheese (mild English Cheddar was just the ticket). She tucked in with gusto and the finger of cheese disappeared literally within seconds. There's something quite clever about Legs. She's clearly worked out that if she uses two hands she can shove loads more in but at the same time it hasn't occurred to her that her mouth offers only limited capacity and she needs to swallow to free up a bit more space. Anyway, lunch went down well too but then something happened.

During the afternoon I noticed a couple of tiny red marks on her face. I wasn't sure if they were just where she'd scratched herself with those lethal fingernails of hers, or whether they were a more sinister allergic reaction. But to what? Not very bright at all to offer dairy and wheat not just in one day but in one sitting. Doh. Anyway, thankfully the little red bits disappeared from her face and alls well that ends well. Well it ended in me feeding her pureed pear and baby rice for tea. Cowardly I know but there's probably some sense in there somewhere. Tomorrow I will revert to sensible baby led weaning. Promise


  1. It is worrying how they get weird rashes for no apparent reason - both mine do it all the time. My first son was formula fed and he managed to BLW (although like your little girl he seemed very keen in shovelling in far too much to swallow!).


  2. Isn't it? Quite frightening but I think sometimes instinct kicks in and you know its going to be okay. She had just the pitta again yesterday and was fine and she's been having yoghurt for a while so can only presume we're safe from the allergies. I hope so!