Friday, 23 October 2009

Baby led weaning. It works!

If ever I needed to see that baby led weaning really does work, the proof was quite literally in the Yorkshire pudding last night.

Anyway, starting at the beginning, Little legs has a tooth! Time to update the baby record book, or books I should say. I've got three. Probably verging on OCD but if you're going to record something monumental about babys development, why not do it 3 times? Oh dear. Have just realised that the books are going to require 3 seperate halloween costumes for the "My first halloween pictures". )Note to self - do not dress baby up in fancy dress costumes for own amusement)

Whilst we were out at the baby sensory room M decided he was going to cook a roast chicken dinner. Baby sensory room?? - Although I can claim this is wonderful for Little leg's development, really its an excuse for me to sit her in front of a big tube full of running water with coloured things bobbing about in it, whilst I lounge around on a bean bag chillaxing. Anyway, we made a sharp exit from there after she decided to try out her newly sharpened gums on some light cables and we went home to the delights of a roast dinner. After my little bit of serenity and feelings of earth motherness due to the stimulation I had provided for her it was all guns blazing with the baby led weaning. Lets give her a roast too! M looked at me sceptically, "but I've shoved a lemon and some garlic up the chickens bum" he said. Nice.

Well bum stuffing or no bum stuffing we decided to proceed and promptly sat legs in her highchair with roast chicken, roast potato, roast parsnip, roast carrot and Yorkshire pud. She quite literally ate the lot as the photo will testify. This was her first experience of meat, and I must admit I was terrified of her choking, but she handled it like a seasoned pro. Lush. M swears it was down to the fact he cooked it. Maybe he's got a point......

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