Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A moment..

Little legs and I just had a moment.

She's been hard work the last couple of days. Everything has come along at once to give us a big fat slap in the face. Like it does. Mick's away on a course, Little legs decides now is as good a time as any to cut another tooth and to top it all we're still recovering from the clocks "falling back". When you're in you're pyjamas by 4pm because you can't be bothered to change your clothes for the third time, its been a bad day. Lil legs has launched vomit, broccoli, porridge and pear at me today,not necessarily in that order, but sometimes technically all 4 at the same time if you know what I mean. As I said, its been a bad day. Not a good time for Mick to ring and declare "I've just had my dinner and a pint and I'm just lying on the bed watching Britain's Best Dish" put it that way.

But a moment just changed all that. (Well, it didn't change it as my clothes are still all covered in debris), but it did soften the memory.

So, the moment went like this. I was in her room feeding her when she started to push the teat of the bottle in and out making it squeak. I'll be honest, I wasn't paying much attention. My mind had wandered downstairs, already planning the military clean up operation. When I looked at her though she was watching me out of the corner of her eye, smirking. I laughed, she laughed, then I laughed some more. She then belly laughed, laughing at me laughing at her. It was just one of those moments. You'll know the ones I mean.

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