Monday, 26 October 2009

Spanish Omelette Recipe - finger food heaven

Tried and tested and proven to work. When I say tried and tested I mean in the loosest sense. Probably more accurate is crushed up, examined closely then stuffed in mouth in true Little legs style. She loved it though. The recipe below cooks up a big enough omelette for one greedy husband, one trying to lose weight Mum and a 6 month old with a growing appetite. I served it with baby potatoes baked in the oven but salad or other veg will do the trick just as nicely.


Olive oil
2 onions (optional I left these out for fear of wind repercussions)
1 clove of garlic
1 red pepper - chopped
4-5 eggs
2 large potatoes chopped into cubes
Parsley to season - Dried or fresh work well

Par boil potatoes for 5 - 10 minutes.
In a seperate pan heat oil and fry onions, garlic and red pepper until soft. Whisk eggs and stir in potatoes, onion, peppers and garlic and add parsley to taste.

Pour the mixture into a hot pan evenly and cook for about 5 mins until its begun to set. After, place under a medium grill for 3-5 minutes to cook the remainder. If you're feeling a bit naughty, add cheese and a dash of Lea and Perrins before you pop under the grill. Also feel free to mix and match your veg a bit. We've tried this with all sorts of ingredients eg chorizo, spring onions etc, but this is our basic version.

Et voila or y voila I should say. Not sure that's right but it'll do.

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