Tuesday, 27 October 2009

They're Gr-r-reat! Maybe not.. Do you know whats in cereal?

Disappointed to say the least. Dispatches on Channel 4 was a missed opportunity in my view.

Put your hands up if you didn't already know that Coco Pops, Frosties and the like are crammed full of sugar? One look at the sugary and chocolatey images on the front of the box will tell you that. I wanted something more and I'm afraid for me, it was a case of I want never gets.

In the past 10 years cereal manufacturers have reduced the levels of salt and sugar in their cereals by 44 per cent but,according to the programme, a bowl of Kellogg's cornflakes still contains more salt than a packet of Walkers ready salted crisps. Cereal manufacturers are still getting away with marketing products as good for us. A box of Sugar Puffs for example can use the words "Honey Goodness" and "Wholesome goodness". I mean come on! But the programme completely failed to challenge anyone about this.

During the programme we saw a family part with their sugary cereals for a week and eat "healthy". All they did was eat porridge. Is there anything else? Are any cereals okay? Should we just boycott the lot? The only thing I did take away is that supermarket brands own cereals in the main are cheaper (never?) and on average contain less salt and sugar. Genius.

What I must confess to finding interesting however is how the cereal manufacturers get round the ban which prevents them from advertising during children's television by taking their campaigns into schools. By using ploys such as 'Box Top Books' and the like, manufacturers can ensure that children are still bombarded with their logos. I couldn't believe that Tony Tiger the sugar demon even appears on school swimming certificates due to Kellogg's hefty sponsorship of the Amateur Swimming Association. The result, "they're Gr-r-reat!" and they make you fit as well!

Many cereals contain the Healthy Heart Logo. Does this mean they're healthy. Does it heckers like. Should we be suspicious of the fact that the Senior Advisor and Nutritionist on the Healthy Heart Product Approval Panel used to be advisor to the Association of Cereal Manufacturers. Too right we should.

Rant over.

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