Thursday, 22 October 2009

Asparagus wee

Mango was on the lunch menu again yesterday. This time pureed. Yep, I bottled it and got the hand blender out sending mango splats flying all over M's pride and joy, his coffee machine (not Little legs, although technically she is. What I mean is she's not a coffee machine, she's M's pride and joy too). Little legs seemed to appreciate my hard work and wolfed it down.

So riding high on the back of this success I then started to do what all new Mums do and started worrying. Is she developing a sweet tooth? Am I giving her too much fruit meaning she'll never eat veg ever again? Now I've pureed it will she be able to cope with finger foods again? OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE? Rang M at work with all above questions, and met with a resounding "eh???" so decided to get a grip of myself.

In order to test all of above fears I made Little legs green beans and roast sweet potato fingers for tea. Now potatoes have always been a big hit, sweet or otherwise. "Move over Mr Potato head, and welcome.... "Baby potato head" aka the Little legs. So what about the green beans? She loved them. She sucked all of the insides out leaving the skin. At one point we caught her with one in each hand stuffing them in. M then got braver, passing her some asparagus off his plate. She snatched that away and shovelled it the same way the beans had gone. The lady loves her greens! Now what was that I read about asparagus wee??