Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A mums meltdown

To puree or not to puree that is the question.....

Little legs is now hurtling towards the grand old age of six months (25 weeks to be exact).

Weaning officially started a couple of weeks ago but this is turning out to be such a hilarious time that I felt the need to share our experiences via this blog. Take from it what you will. There are very few pearls of wisdom (Little Legs being our first and all that) but if you take away a few food ideas and a lot of laughs then I'll be happy.

So, this is the tale so far.
To sum it all up:
1. Foods tried - potato, sweet potato, carrot, parsnip, swede, cauliflower, apple, pear, peach, baby rice, rice cakes, yoghurt, cucumber, pasta, toast, courgette, tomato,broccoli,
2.Foods thrown on floor and up walls - loads
3.Foods actually eaten - limited
4. The favourites - potato, sweet potato, courgette, cucumber,rice cakes, apple, pear, peach
5. The hated - carrot, parsnip, swede, broccoli
6. The maybe I shouldn't have given because you're not old enough but did anyway - pasta, scrambled egg, yoghurt, toast
7.The downright dull - baby rice

Having read Annabel Karmel, Gina Ford guide to weaning, and Rapley baby led weaning book, not to mention enough weaning leaflets to fill a wheelie bin (I know because I tried) we were none the wiser. So, in true us style, we decided to try a bit of everything. And do you know what? Its working. Well, sort of...for details of a major kitchen catastrophe, read on.

Imagine the scene. Its Friday night, the weekly shop is done and I think to myself lets try a new recipe. Root veg patties for Little legs and there would be no waste as I'd cook a load of them up for me and hubby to have with our fish.
So, husbands playing in the lounge with Little legs and big dumb boxer dog is laid at my feet getting maximum heat from the oven, where said root veg are roasting along with our fish. Cosy eh?
Think again. On closer inspection, fish cooked, root veg raw. Solution, remove fish from oven and whack oven on full pelt to cremate veg. Half an hour later, fish cold, root veg still raw. Never fear I thought, it'll be okay mashed and fried. Half an hour later hand held blender has refused to mush the roast parsnips (the only thing which did cook, or overcook more precisely), and sent most of the veg up the walls. What to do? The only thing a stressed out Mum new to the weaning process can do..throw huge tantrum and throw everything including saucepans, remaining veg and fish up the wall. Dog leaves kitchen, husband shuts door to kitchen so our innocent little daughter can't see Mum in full melt down.

For tea that night? Rice cakes for Little legs, cereal for Mum and pizza for Dad. Champion!