Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Baby led weaning - Mango mania

Have been thinking about my tantrum on Friday and think I've discovered why it happened. I'm sleep deprived! Okay, so thats just an excuse, but its a good one. Here's the reason why: Little legs has been rolling over onto her belly for some time now but unfortunately hasn't quite grasped the idea of rolling back. This has meant weeks of interrupted sleep for me and hub (well me mainly) as we've made the endless trips backwards and forwards to her room to turn her over. I rang M yesterday, excited as hell to tell him the good news "She can roll back! Yay!" We settled into bed last night excited about our long night of sleep ahead only to discover that yes she can roll back, but she's damn well going to spend half an hour talking to herself as she does it. Does it mean I'm a bad parent if I turn the monitor down? (I said down, not off) Hell no!. I'm sure it was just a private conversation Little legs was having with herself anyway not really for Mum and Dads ears.

So, back to the food. Lunch time yesterday was mango. I love mango and couldn't wait to see little legs enjoy it too. Trouble is I hadn't thought about the practicalities of it. How slippery is that stuff? Anyway after slivers of mango flying about like autumn leaves I moved to Plan B. Mush it and give it on a spoon. Does that still count as baby led weaning? Can't see why not if I give her the spoon. Not mushed enough so time to move to Plan C. Mush it a bit more and add yoghurt which is always a bit of a hit. Still doesn't work so move to Plan D. Empty entire contents of bowl onto highchair tray, take a deep breath and factor time in to give Little legs a major hose down pre nap if reqired. Again, amount ingested - limited.I tell you what, if there was nutritional content in her Upsy daisy doll, the remote control and all of her books then we'd be onto a winner.


  1. Hi there, found you on BMB. I am weaning my eight month old baby boy and feel like I am permanently covered in porridge. He enjoys mango when I mush it up with a fork - its just too slippery for finger food. Yesterday I took a chance an gave him passionfruit with yoghurt. He took it well, but I think it might have been a wee bit complex for him when passing. Our Phil an Ted's Metoo high chair arrived yesterday and it has made such a difference. I can feed him at the table rather than on my lap or bouncer and its easier to clean the mess away afterwards. Really enjoy your weaning posts - makes me feel I am not alone! Ali

  2. Thanks Ali. I find it really helpful to share ideas with other Mums as sometimes feel I run out of food ideas. There's only so many root veg you can give. Fab news about the highchair. Its so lovely to have Lil sit at the table with us but her highchair is a pain to clean! Love your site its so interesting. Will keep an eye out for the feeds. Its such an important topic.