Friday, 30 October 2009

When Captain Birds Eye came to tea - Home made fishcakes

Captain Birdseye didn't come to tea but I wish he had because he could have helped me skin and bone a healthy portion of fish. These were a great finger food and a good way to introduce little legs to fish. Any white fish will do and the recipe made enough for me, hubby, and baby plus some to freeze.

Approx 3-4 medium size potatoes
5ish spring onions
350g fish
2 eggs
Plain flour (enough to coat cakes before frying)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper and lime juice to season for the adults portion

1) Chop the potatoes into even pieces and boil for 15 minutes or until soft. Leave to cool and then mash.
2) Add chopped fish and spring onions to the mash once cool and mix well
3) Beat the eggs before adding to the mash mix and combine all ingredients well.
4) Take a handful of the mixture and flatten into a pattie and coat each side with flour. Once I had removed enough for little legs, I also added a dash of lime juice, salt and pepper and a cheeky slug of tabasco for the adults. (Sorry M)
5) Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the cakes for approximately 10 minutes turning frequently. These are lovely served with some salad and sweet chilli sauce.

Little legs liked these but the cakes were a little bit crumbly once cooked so next time I'm going to add a little bit of milk, just to bind them together a bit more.

There's still a strong whiff of fish coming from the highchair. I daren't investigate. Might just leave the dog to sniff that one out.

On the baby led weaning front generally, things are going okay. Its daft really, the whole point of doing weaning this way is so that you can introduce baby to a whole array of different foods. Why then am I struggling for inspiration?

Lunch times are the hardest. There's only so many times you can offer cucumber, banana and rice cakes. We ventured out for lunch today. I lovingly chopped all the above and made up a little packed lunch for Muncher. Typically she preferred the toasted teacake I was eating. Mum 0 Little Legs 1.

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