Sunday, 15 November 2009

Baby led weaning and formula feeding

I'm not going to think about this post too much, I'm just going to type just to get my thoughts and worries down in print so forgive me if its all a bit disjointed.

We've been doing really well with the Baby led weaning. Its really worked for us and Little Legs is becoming a dab hand at feeding herself. I'm able to cook the same meal for all of us, sometimes with a few simple adaptations, and then we all sit down as a little family and eat together. Its exactly what I imagined at meal times.

Until recently, I never really worried about how much Little Legs was eating, food was for playing with and she was still taking 5-7 oz formula five times a day. I was happy for her just to explore different tastes and textures, confident in the knowledge she was getting all she needed from her milk.

But things are starting to change. Little Legs is eating more and more and seems to have a really good appetite for solids. Don't get me wrong, I'm over the moon that she loves food and this is the point of weaning, obviously, but is she cutting back on her milk too quickly?

She'll eat three good solid meals a day, but when it comes to formula, although I'm offering it four times a day, she seems to have no appetite for it. Yesterday, at a push I managed to get her to take 17oz over the full day but I don't think its enough.

She's putting on a good amount of weight, she looks healthy but have I let her lead the way too much taking baby led weaning too literally? I don't know the answer. I really don't. All I want to do is whats right by her and for her to grow up healthy and happy but sometimes I just feel as though I'm feeling my way in the dark.

After a shaky start to weaning, I began to gain in confidence all the time. Every time I watched Little Legs tuck into a meal I was more and more sure I'd made the right decision. Now I'm having a wobble again. Hopefully its a temporary one, hopefully someone can offer some reassurance. Hopefully Little Legs will start guzzling milk again. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully.....

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