Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Baby Led Weaning - A Dad's perspective

Me and M managed to escape for a nice lunch today leaving Little Legs with the grands. As we usually do when we're away from her we spent the majority of the time talking about her and then M started looking at the menu going through what he thought she would like to eat if she were there. This got me thinking about M's perspective of BLW and what we're doing. To be honest I did all the research. I only spoke to M about it briefly and then took it upon myself to introduce it. Looking back I don't think he even had a say in it so I was interested to see how much he knew about what we were attempting. The conversation went like this:

Me: What do you think Baby Led Weaning is?
Him: Giving Little Legs sticks of food, not mush. (Nicely put)

Me: BLW is usually seen as an extension of breastfeeding why do you think that is?
Him: The baby's used to having something more substantial in its mouth (Hmmm not quite)

Me: What do you think about it
Him: Its messy.

Me: Where do you think the idea of BLW came from:
Him: A man

Before I could ask any more he said "Never mind fluff head what do you fancy for lunch I'm starving".

So there it is M's perspective of BLW in a nutshell.

On a more positive note we seem to be making some progress. There's definitely less waste on the highchair, on the floor and up the walls and more in the nappy. Three dirty nappies between 7am and 11am is taking it a bit far though. Saying that, after a random tea tonight of rice cakes, cottage cheese and porridge pancakes I can kind of see why that might be happening. Thanks to C-star by the way for the pancake recipe, they went down a treat. If you want to give them a try have a look at her fab blog called "Jacob Led Weaning". The link's in my blog roll.

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