Thursday, 5 November 2009

Finger Foods an A to Z

I've said it before and I know its daft but even with a vast array of foods to choose from I still find myself struggling to come up with new and interesting ideas, particularly for lunchtimes.

For that reason I've decided to set up a new link where I'm going to keep a list of fingers foods we've tried together with some hints and tips as to how best to prepare and serve them where appropriate. I've made a start tonight but only got to "B" so bear with me. The link is or click in the right place on the sidebar and all being well it should take you straight there. I'm hoping to complete the basics of this in the next day or two with a view to adding to it over time so I hope for those of you doing BLW that you find it a useful resource.


  1. That's a great idea. I remember being at that stage and getting into such a rut. And thanks for posting about Madeleine.

  2. Thank you! Hopefully it will help others and if anything its a planner I can go back to when I run out of inspiration x

  3. Fab idea - I've run out of inspiration for Ciaran's foods he seems to live of toast at the mo! Thanks for doing this. x