Monday, 9 November 2009

Food for thought

My Mum's coming to stay on Thursday. I can't wait. Last time she came Little Legs was at the stage where if any food did make it into her mouth she promptly spat it out. Mum was understandably worried about the whole baby led weaning thing and very tactfully mashed up the little roast potato we were giving her. I can't wait for Mum to sit down at the table with us now and watch Little Legs get stuck into her dinner. Sods law says LL will choose that moment to refuse everything offered, but we live in hope.

Mum coming has made me think about my memories of food as a child. I come from a big family, and as the youngest when it came to mealtimes I learnt the meaning of "you snooze you lose" very quickly. I remember my plate being put down in front of me and knives and forks appearing from all directions as the best bits of my dinner were snaffled by my siblings. That bit aside, the fact is that we all sat round the table as a family every night and discussed our day. I loved that. It was this particular memory which has encouraged me to go down the baby led weaning route. Little Legs sits at the table with us at every meal time and the swell of pride as we watch her tuck in is overwhelming.

The other thing I remember about food as a child is the sheer variety. I'm mixed race, a combination of Jamaican, Chinese and English. West Indian food and rice dishes formed a large part of my diet as a child and my Mum's cooking is fabulous. I'm ashamed to admit that none of us have ever asked my Mum to teach us these recipes and I would hate to think that one day they could be lost to our family forever. So, this time when Mum visits I'm going to don my apron and learn. I hope one day Mum will still be around to teach Little Legs West Indian cooking which has been in our family for generations and I hope she'll be as proud of her heritage as I am.


  1. Good luck with all that cooking, it sounds delicious - lets hope it tastes as good as your mums :)

  2. Thank you. Can't wait! M's very excited as he gets to escape my cooking for a few days. Cheek. x