Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My first award and ten secrets!

I got my first award. Yay!

Thanks to planb. Although I wasn't so grateful after I had to delve into my dark side for ten things that no one knows about me. Its at times like these that I'm glad my blog's anonymous.

Anyway, I'm going to steal my first two from planb

1) I sort of want another baby too.
2) I also don't know what a meme is.

Now for my own, if you are of a sensitive disposition it's probably best not to read on:

3) I once tried to steal one of those yellow flashing lights you see at roadworks. I hid it in my coat and glowed like ET. The police saw me and made me put it back.
4) I hate small talk. A lot of people I know would be surprised by this due to the amount of rubbish I've been known to utter on occasions
5)Once when I was hungover I went to Burger King and ate three bacon and double cheeseburgers in quick succession. I wasn't sick
6) I sometimes pick my toenails in bed
7)When I lived abroad I had a sink in my bedroom which I peed in once when drunk
8) I am totally confused by commas, semi colons and colons as readers of my blog will testify
9)I've got an old Roxette tape which I sometimes play when no one's around
10)I used to think that the longest day of the year was longer than 24 hours.

Anyway, in the tradition of the award I have to pass it on and ask that the lucky recipients reveal 10 things about themselves that noone else knows. And the winners are....

Tired Mummy's blog
Notes from Lapland
Me the Man and the Baby
Wife of bold
Hot Cross Mum

Sorry guys!


  1. Congratulations and thankyou for passing the award my way, I shall look forward to doing the meme.


  2. LOL, sorry posted reply on wrong blog! D'oh. Congratulations anyway, and maybe next time eh... *whistles off, slightly embarrassed*

  3. thank you! I can't believe it has taken me this long to writing post now.

  4. Cant believe it's took me even longer then above!! Currently typing up the post now.. Will publish tomorrow if I can ever find 10 secrets!!
    Thanks You! :) x

  5. You're welcome. Looking forward to reading!