Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sincere Apologies to Very Bored housewife

Here is your award.
I must explain. I typed my post in draft last night and I included you on it and published the post this morning. I love reading your blog and thats why I gave you the award. I didn't read your post about your pregnancy until this morning, after I'd published my post. I read your post and it made me cry and after reading all of the lovely comments people had sent you I just didn't feel right giving you an award for "Honest scrap". Anyway in light of your latest post please don't be offended by this award its heartfelt and just a way of saying I love your blog.

Sorry again


  1. Ah sweetie, thankyou. You've made me cry now. I love awards, give me more please. I am not offended, just thought I was going slightly mad. xx

  2. You're very welcome and so sorry for the mix up x