Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A sleepless night but this made me smile

I am officially done in.

Little Legs is not well. She was fine in herself all day yesterday, a little bit of a cough and a bit off her food but nothing we couldn't cope with. Then I got scared. We settled down to watch a film last night but when I listened to her on the monitor she seemed to be breathing really really quickly. I woke her up and she was burning up. Anyway, to cut a long story short, after a dose of Calpol and a quick chat with NHS Direct her temperature and breathing had both settled down. The nurse thought her breathing might have been a way of cooling herself down which I suppose makes sense but it didn't stop us being absolutely terrified. M and I spent hours pacing the floor trying to get her back to sleep and then I spent another few sleepless hours on the blow up bed in her room because I was too scared to sleep.

It could be teeth, it could be a viral infection we just don't know so today we've decided to hibernate as a little family and see how it goes. I think M was secretly delighted at this idea as he just got up at the crack of dawn to collect his new "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" game. There will be some mysteries of this 33 year old man which I will never solve. His need to play war games on a daily basis is one of them.

Anyway, after a long night and possibly a long day ahead of us this little man put a grin back on my face



  1. Sounds like bronchiolitis, which my little one has just recovered from. High temperature, rapid breathing and a nasty rasp if you put your ear to her back while she's breathing. We ended up at A&E with it, but they sent us away and said that if she was getting dehydrated (not eating, not keen on milk) or flaring her nostrils to breathe we should bring her back... Thankfully all much better today - Friday night was the worst but slowly uphill since then.

  2. Thanks so much for the comment. That does sound just like it. She seems much better today but still coughing a little bit. She's got a bit more of an appetite and has taken some water and milk so fingers crossed. I'm pleased you're little one is on the mend too. Its so scary when they get poorly x

  3. There's nothing more frightening than those breathing problems. Charlie's had croup (twice!) and - like you - I've camped on his floor beside the cot for hours. Hope your hibernation saw it off.

  4. Thank you! We've just been at the doctors this morning and he's given us the all clear which is good. He thinks it might just be a cold and cough virus, nothing more sinister. Such a relief!