Friday, 20 November 2009

Why I love baby led weaning

I needed to do a supermarket shop today. Problem is I had a hungry seven month old relying on me to provide her with a tasty treat first. Provide I did. Little Legs had a lunch of:

Baby corn
A finger of cheese
Half a breadstick
2 potatoes cold (roasted the night before)
Avocado mashed on pitta bread

I in return got a nice clear fridge with no waste for M to moan about, and a very happy baby. The dog used to make a good dustbin. Little Legs is certainly giving her a run for her money. Do I win the prize for giving the most random lunch? I think contents of a later nappy will be prize enough.


  1. ha ha, ur so funny i love it! and a very healthy fridge may i add. If i was to feed my little one the contents of my fridge it would probably consist of.... a very brown banana, macdonalds barbeque sauce, bacon, eggs and a pink mouse thing with cream on thats been in there for at least 2 months! so i think ill stick to the safer option of the baby food in jars, lazy i know but no risk of samonela!

  2. Actually that does sound quite healthy looking at it. Random but healthy. Can't beat a bit of McDonalds barbecue sauce mind!

  3. PS I can't find your blog anymore is it still there?

  4. Yes it should be, i did change the name though its

  5. Oh thats great use of the fridge leftovers!

  6. Certainly an interesting combination.

    I must read that book you link to. I've started giving A finger foods but I don't think I'm doing it right.

    When do they go from occasionaly picking up the food and possibly gumming it to actually eating it?

  7. worldofamummy - thanks for the comment. I was quite proud of myself. haha.
    Eoforhild - I would highly recommend the book. BLW is a fascinating concept and it does work. Have a look at worldofamummy's blog - as she's done a really good write up on BLW. Little Legs just played with her food for a good few weeks but then you will suddenly find she's eating more and playing less. There's no right or wrong, just keep offering different foods and it will work. Try not to worry too much about how much she's eating at first, I know its hard but milk is still her main source of vitamins and minerals at this stage.

  8. I'm always compiling my daughter's lunch from a mish mash of leftovers. It's a fantastic way to reduce wastage, and it introduces her to a wider range of tastes and flavours. Hopefully the eventual transition from highchair to eating at the 'big table' with Mum and Dad will be easier too!