Tuesday, 8 December 2009

What not to buy this Christmas

....A cot activity centre. Completely ridiculous invention and here's why.

Little Legs has been more or less sleeping through the night since she was about 12 weeks old. Chances are she may have woke up during the night but she always managed to settle herself back to sleep quietly. NOT ANY MORE!

M came home the other day with a cot activity centre. From now on I'll call it CAC(appropriately). He'd been given it by a friend and didn't like to say no. It looks lovely, little piano keys which play nursery rhymes, a little bell which sounds like a door bell when you press it and little animals hidden behind little doors which you can open. There's also a huge sun with a big orange button in the middle. When you press it it sends these little balls clacking against each other and starts another tune. You get the picture.

The first night with the CAC went something like this:

0243 hours - door bell chimes. Not the house one, the one belonging to CAC.

0448 hours - London's burning followed by Row Row Row your boat followed by Oranges and Lemons, half of London's Burning again, bit more of Row Row Row your boat, London's burning again, Oranges and Lemons again and lets finish off with another huge dose of London's burning.

0510 hours - Clack Clack and another annoying tune

0510 hours and 30 seconds - M turns CAC off

0600 hours - Curiosity gets the better of Little Legs and she decides to peep behind each of the doors hiding the little animals with a little clack of the door each time. After having a quick peep at all four of them she couldn't quite remember which animal was behind which door so she had another look. Four more clacks.

Now I have a moral dilemma. Is it wrong to remove a toy from a seven month old baby? I can't help thinking that a melted down CAC would make a great Wordless Wednesday photo.

Rant over


  1. So not wrong to remove it. I always wondered what was the point of them. Babies go into cots to sleep not play surely!

  2. Personally, I would!! (Or maybe find away of it being playable with somewhere other than the cot)

    In fact there are toys that have been 'kindly' donated to us that Abigail has never seen and probably never will.

  3. Remove it and burn it.

    I don't even have a mobile over the cot as I am of the (very old fashioned) opinion that beds and cots are for sleeping in, not playing, and that mixing the two makes it harder for a child (who is naturally programmed not to sleep when you want them) to associate their room with sleep.

  4. Nope stupidest invention in the world.. It's like a grown up taking an iPod, a laptop a TV and some kind of unsolved 3D puzzle to bed. You just wouldn't would you! So why oh why oh why do babies need these things???? I am right there with you..just look you have started me off!!

  5. I'd get it out before she becomes attached to it LOL cot toys are such silly things, a cot is for sleeping not for playing in LOL

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments. The CAC has been banished! Yay!