Saturday, 9 January 2010


I have finally plucked up the courage to admit that I am completely obsessed with lists. The "normal" every day lists aren't the ones that worry me, neither do shopping lists. I sometimes find it a bit weird that I write things on them just for the pleasure of crossing them off but I can live with that. It's the newish weird lists which worry me a bit.

I'm now going to list my list of weird lists:

1) My book list. I choose what to read from a list. It's a list of top 100 books put together by Waterstones and Channel Four. Its a great list through which I've found some fab books which I otherwise wouldn't have read but there are some books on there which I really have no desire to read. "Complete Cookery Course" by Delia Smith is a good example. I keep telling myself that it's impossible to read a cookery book from cover to cover but there's still that little voice there telling me I have to read it to cross it off the list.

2)When I started weaning Little Legs I kept a list of foods she'd tried just as a starter for ten really so I could monitor her progress. Now, she eats pretty much everything, there's nothing really that she doesn't like but I can't stop writing the list. Not content with just rice cakes, we now have apple rice cakes, blueberry rice cakes etc etc. You get the picture. This list now runs into pages. I don't refer to it or use it any way, I just keep adding to it.

I know two items probably doesn't count as a list but if I don't stop I will go on forever. Okay then, I'll also tell you about my

1)"Things to do before I'm 40 list" my
2) "What hair colours would suit me list" my
3) "Pre baby list" which has now become my
4) "Post baby list" my
5) "Things I would love done in the house list" my
6) "Things I will never get done in the house list" my
7) "Cars I would like to drive list" my
8) "Cars I can't afford to drive list"

Is there a name for this conditon? I tried to google it earlier but only came up with a list of manias and obsessions. Ironically I couldn't find list obsessions on there. I did however find "oenomania" and it means a craze for wine. Oh well, at least one of my problems has a name.


  1. LOL, I thought I had a list problem. :D

    At one point I had a list of the lists I needed to make!!

  2. Listaholic? I too have lots of lists although probably not quite as bad as you. xx

  3. I'm with you! I have a two door frideg freezer - one door is for the girls' artwork and the other... is for my lists! Currently up there I have Things to do in the house, things to bake, dinnerparty plan for the year, and oddly, things I want to do this summer. beware though... my list fettish has led to a fridge magnet fettish!

  4. I love a good list! Some of mine get pinned to the fridge and disappear every now and then...I think I know who the culprit is!

  5. I dont think I've ever wrote a list before! Maybe I should, might help be a little bit more organized!!

  6. Emma. I don't recommend it. Before you know it you'll be caught up in it! Laura C and Mummy Mania, the fridge is a good place to store them. I don't put the weird ones on there though. M would have a field day! ooh fridge magnets, now there'a a thought! Eoforhild and Very Bored, you're only ever a list away from a problem!

  7. long live lists! I couldn't function without 'em (and HRT helps too!!!!! ) I'm now working from a list written last night in bed, but have already made a detour to your blog, so they are flexible!!

  8. You and me both! There's a very funny book on Amazon about lists(name escapes me for now). Do you use highlighter pens or just go for the old crossing off - so satisfying! I am becoming a bit enslaved to my lists though so this year I'm not going to do any.
    I haven't got your car one though as I don't drive!

    There's a tag for you at mine but I see you've been doing quite a lot of memes recently,you might want to give it a miss. But it is a list!

  9. Diney, Hear Hear! Deer Baby thank you for tag! Can't refuse a list. Crossing off certainly the way forward, gives a certain sense of satisfaction.

  10. Not sure about a name for your condition, but I'd say you were pretty organised! I have a list head too, but I can't say it's as extreme as yours. You have excuse to forget anything.

    CJ xx

  11. Thanks for your comment Crystal. Hope you've not been too badly affected by the snow where you are. Not sure whether I'm organised or just downright mad. Back at work now so number of lists has almost doubled!

  12. I'm known as 'Monica' (from Friends) by my husband and friends because of my obsession with organisation and lists! Having said that, it's a lifesaver when trying to manage with twins...

  13. hilarious. i have a problem with lists too, but i think you may have me beat. i must admit though that i spent all last year writing down all the things i did with the kids all day long so i could feel like i had actually accomplished something at the end of the day. even if the list had feed, change, feed, change, legos, feed, change, etc. i felt better seeing it written down. my husband thinks i am wierd, and he is probably right. but i say lists are awesome. going to look for a 12 step program for listaholics. will let you know what i find out.