Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A story and a song

First things first, the lovely heartful blogger has tagged me with the very gorgeous sunshine award. I have been taken aback this week by the sheer kindness and generosity of Mummy bloggers who have all pulled together and blogged for Haiti. So, as there's so many of you, and rather than name names and run the risk of forgetting somebody, if you've done anything at all this week, however small to raise money or send aid to Haiti then please take this award and display it with pride.

Now for the story and the song following my tag from the lovely Emily O over at babyrambles. My song is "Dance with my Father again" by Luther Vandross as the song sums up perfectly my relationship with my own father.

I have very few memories of my Dad. He and my Mum got divorced when I was about seven or eight and sadly he died when I was sixteen. Dad was a naughty boy when he was married to Mum. He liked the ladies you see and eventually he left leaving Mum to take care of five children. Despite all of this, my Mum never has a bad word to say about him. She loved him and I think part of her always will. She tells stories of the parties they went to and how much he loved music. She laughs as she tells me that he was always the last one to leave any party, wanting it to go on all night. I take after him for that. One night he apparently paid a band to play on for a couple of hours extra only to find that everyone was pooped and went home as soon as he did. I still smile at that story. At another party, in his enthusiasm he stood at the door and thanked everyone for coming. Mum said the host was quite miffed but everyone knew how much my Dad loved to enjoy himself.

My memories of my Dad all involve music and my love of Motown definitely comes from him. When we used to come in from school we were never allowed the telly on, the house used to shake with music as we danced around to the Supremes and the Jackson Five. After tea there would be more music and dancing until we all used to fall asleep, tired but happy.

The chorus from the song I've chosen sums it all up for me and always makes me cry:

If I could get
another chance
another walk
another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never ever end
how I'd love love love
to dance with my father again.

I love you Dad x

I'd like to pass this meme onto the following and look forward to hearing their stories:

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  1. That is such a lovely story - I'm going to find it tough to come up with something as meaningful but I'll try my best. x

  2. A very moving post, and wonderful memories of dancing around to Motown which you will always cherish. Your Mum is a great example to other divorcees, for not talking badly about your Dad and their relationship. It is so destructive.

  3. What a great memory to share. He sounds like a big person, in the non-literal sense.
    Eek- the pressures on. Been thinking of a possibility this afternoon.

  4. How lovely. So sorry for you loss, but I'm happy you have such a lovely memory and I agree with Diney, what a great Mum you have x

  5. Thank you for taking this on, what a moving story. Your mum sounds incredible bringing up five children and not having a bad word to say about your dad! A good read and a good song too.

  6. That is such a beautiful song to go with your lovely and heartfelt words. I have Luther Vandross singing it on one of my albums and it's a very touching song.

    CJ xx

  7. That is a poignant story. I'm not ignoring your tag, just having a hard time trying to remember a song with a story behind it!

  8. Thank you so much to everyone for the lovely comments and in particular to Emily O for the inspiration for this post x

  9. What a sweet and heartfelt story. So much emotion and so beautifully conveyed.